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As examples of my work, here you'll find a number of different presentations and papers I've delivered at various meetings.

Some are for training workshops, others are presentations at conferences, round tables, etc.

A Journey Through AIDS. In September 2007 I was honoured to be asked by the Lourdes Association and the other HIV NGOs in Taiwan to be the keynote speaker at their biennial conference of people living with HIV and AIDS. I pulled together this autobiographical talk, using my experiences before and during the AIDS epidemic as hooks to hang themes on. It took 90 minutes to deliver because every sentence has to be translated into Mandarin by the wonderful Sister Teresa Hsieh, my host there and at that time Director of the Lourdes Association. 

Mental health and HIV one: a talk given to the social work team at the HIV clinic at Taipei University Hospital, on the same trip.

Mental health and HIV two: the Powerpoint part of an interactive HIV and Mental Health day I delivered to the Centre for African Families Positive Health in Luton, England.

Positive Prevention discussion paper. This has had several updates. It was originally devised for a seminar on Positive Prevention in Bergen in the Netherlands in September 2005 and then for a round table on Positive Prevention in London in December. This is the latest version.

IMPACT 10, Condoms and Beyond. This is an issue of the National AIDS Trust's policy bulletin that looked at prevention and new prevention technologies. In includes a piece I wrote on Pre-exposure prophylaxis and the controversy around the scientific trials for it.

Positive Prevention for the Changing the Focus Conference, Edinburgh, 30 June 2006. 

2006 BHIVA Conference summary for UK Community Advisory Board, 26 May 2006.

Rectal microbicides for CHAPS, 7 March 2006.

Mental Health Training Day at the Positive Place in South London for Restorego Ltd., 18 Feb 2006.

Complementary therapies, NAM, Monday 27 September 2004, as requested..

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