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Job pitch

I can turn dry scientific papers into interesting news, distil a riveting report from a boxful of papers, put out a punchy press release, design (as you can see) a readable website, summarise a complex issue like pharmaceutical prices or drug resistance in 2000 words, and subedit dyslexic rants into crisp English. If your organisation needs a writer, contact me.

HIV Writing

Treatment/health pieces

A selection of pieces from Positive Nation and other HIV treatment periodicals like Aids Treatment Update, plus a few news pieces from

Be PREPared

About pre-exposure prophylaxis - taking HIV drugs to prevent HIV. I think it's the only way we'll be able to curb the epidemic in 'high risk groups', i.e. people who are never going to be protected entirely by condoms and being told to have fewer partners.

When not to stop

I was concerned at the number of people I knew who were taking treatment breaks at the wrong time and finding their CD4s crashed to zero and they had to start all over again. This is about when it's safe to stop the drugs, and when not.

Party on!

The original, unedited and unexpurgated version of a guide to safe recreational drug use that appeared in July 2002. So much of the stuff written about drugs is still variations on the 'just say no' themes, which in my opinion just doesn't work. I'd have more to say about crystal meth if I was writing it today but the health messages stay the same. Includes the drug tips section full of practical advice for hardcore ravers.

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